Eman is gone. Silas is gone. Claire is gone. When Addie returns to Ramni after her devastating encounter with Ophidian, she finds her heart broken from her recent losses. Yet, even though she is grieving, Addie continues her journey through the Twelve Lands of Decim to unite the Twelve Magisters.

With the aid of Romen and Lyle, she travels to each Northern Land to find that Ophidian is no longer harvesting Decim’s hearts, but their souls.

With this new power, Ophidian will be almost impossible to defeat. Will Addie be able to complete her promise to Eman before darkness rules?

A sweeping bookend to a remarkable allegorical trilogy, Heartrender will have you believing that, someday, in the not-too-distant future, it will be time for the reign of darkness to end.

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