Dio Candles

Candles inspired by; and scent description written by author Vanessa Burton!

Addie smells like: Cherry Doughnut Filling

“…I bit into the flaky crust of the pastry. A small glob of red jelly dripped out, and I quickly lapped it up with my tongue.” This delicious scent of Addie’s favorite treat will entice your taste buds! The sweet sensation of cherry doughnut filling will make you want to whip up a delicious snack!

Silas smells like: Cedarwood and Bergamot

“The…scent surrounding him relaxed my muscles, and I held onto him as if nothing else mattered. It wasn’t long before I was completely lost in him once more. ” Oh Silas, how we adore you. This alluring blend of cedarwood and bergamot will have you swooning over our favorite book boyfriend. 

Claire smells like: Cloves and Cinnamon

“Now, please take note when I say: don’t be stupid.” What would Addie do with her new snarky BFF? Take a trip to Claire’s makeshift home while burning this delicious blend of cinnamon and cloves.

Barracks smells like: Mint, Ice and Pine

The crisp air slapped me in the face, penetrating my nose as I took in a deep breath. My body froze, reacting in shock to the icy chill that had come with Schism.” Barracks used to be a land of warmth and sunshine, but due to Schism Breaker, the warmth left long ago. However, you can still enjoy the fresh pine and mint scent of this candle! 

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